Laptops Asus Reviews

The electronics products of this company are popular due to the high quality of the assembly. The main focus of the company Acer is the development of computer equipment. «Asus» produces not only ready-made devices, but also video cards, optical drives, monitors, smartphones and motherboards.

Asus products have a number of distinctive parameters: Medium and high price segment; Excellent performance in operation; Not a bad brand reputation in the world market. Asus notebooks were able to work even when climbing to Chomolungma.

Mountaineers said that at an altitude of more than 5 kilometers, the production of «Asus» functioned in normal mode. Laptops from other companies were turned off due to pressure drops and temperature changes.

Comparison of notebooks Acer and Asus Next it is necessary to compare the components of laptops from different companies. This will help you to quickly determine the choice of device, because one gadget may differ from another video adapter or RAM, but their performance will not have the same indicators. Before deciding the question, it is worth going into the technical component of the device.Consider the main differences to determine which laptop is best — Acer or Asus.

The Acer Widgets video card has a relatively good quality in all segments, fully responding to the declared cost. Most often, a set of laptops of the middle class includes different cards, which significantly affects the size of the devices. Many Asus laptops differ from the analog and the presence of a considerable amount of RAM in the adapters themselves. 

Asus cooling system in this criterion is slightly ahead of Acer products. Even so, the risk of overheating may increase in the device, so it is worth to pay special attention to the characteristic.

In case you plan to perform complex tasks on a laptop, you need to take care of a quality cooling system. Coolers and other devices from the brand «Asus» are well designed, making notebooks overheat very rarely. Thanks to this you can not worry about the fact that at one point the gadget simply turns off or goes on reboot.

Case. The case is also worthy of special attention, as Acer’s laptops are made of pleasant to the touch material. The disadvantage is that it quickly shows signs of mechanical stress, so it will have to be used as accurately as possible.

Asus uses durable materials in the manufacture of devices, which makes it slightly superior to its endurance counterpart for mechanical damage. The original appearance of the surface of the device will also help to treat it with care.

Design Acer does not pay much attention to the design. Devices «Acer» are characterized by an unattractive appearance, which is why they are not suitable for connoisseurs of stylish devices. In this case, the competition is made by products of the brand «Asus».

Battery Acer models are distinguished by rather mediocre batteries, which are relatively short-lived. For several years of active use the battery can be worn, due to which it can work up to 20 minutes. Asus laptops have a longer working life, which is why they are in demand among those who prefer to use the device far from the outlet.

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