How do I clean my laptop from dust?

How to clean laptop right (repair instruction)

If you notice an increased noise level during operation, which is heard all the time while the laptop is turned on, you should think about cleaning the cooling system.
As a rule, the productivity of the machinery is further reduced together.
The work of the laptop directly depends on how effective the cooling system is. The air that passes through it must go out as easily as possible.
For this, vent holes are provided on the bottom of the unit. But over time, dust has the property of accumulating.

And how quickly this happens depends, first of all, on the mechanism of the air cooling system. So, the need to clean the HP laptop from dust arises after about two years of operation. Because of the clogging of the dust of the cooling system, the laptop can be very warm, because the outflow of hot air makes it difficult because of the layer of contaminants, and as a result of overheating, one of the microcircuits, the video chip, etc., can fail.
In any case, heating the laptop leads to «hanging up» and spontaneous turning it off.

To all this did not lead to the death of technology, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mechanism, since repairs can cost a large amount of money.
2 Step-by-step laptop cleaning instruction
If you know how to clean an HP laptop, you can independently carry out this procedure.
She is happy with the simple:
the battery is removed, the panel of the special compartment (like the ASUS X54C laptop) on the bottom cover is removed.
then the hard disk is extracted.

the next step is to unscrew the screws, which are located in the compartment of the already extracted battery.
then it is necessary to unscrew the screw, through which the keyboard is fixed.
the bolt securing the drive is removed.
you need to raise the keyboard, pulling out of the grooves. It is attached to the motherboard by the cable, it should be disconnected.
the touchpad should also be powered off.
then remove the upper cover of the body of the device, before that you need to unscrew the screws.
then unscrew the screws along the perimeter of the bottom cover.
the Wi-Fi module is extracted.
now removes the top cover of the notebook as on the ASUS X402CA laptop.
at the last stage you can see the cooler and the degree of its contamination.
For better cleaning, you must remove the optical drive and the motherboard itself.

Cleaning the HP laptop takes a little time, but you’ll have to work with the disassembly of the device itself.
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